Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Sekiguchi Sansaku Rain (35.5cm/14 inches)


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This doll was made by the renowned master Sekiguchi Sansaku (1925-2018) and her title is 雨 (Ame) which means Rain. Her body is decorated with red carved traditional Japanese umbrellas and gentle lines that represent rain.

Sekiguchi Sansaku (1925-2018) is perhaps the most renowned kokeshi master. He’s the only artisan who has ever been certified by the Japanese government as “master of creative kokeshi”. He has a museum in his birth city of Shibukawa in Gunma prefecture and it’s being managed and maintained by his daughter Izumi who is a kokeshi artist in her own right. He has won the prestigious prime minister award three times for his beautiful and unique dolls.

In near-mint condition, comes with the original box and wooden sign.

Height: 35.5cm / 14 inches


Sekiguchi Sansaku

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