Vintage Kokeshi Doll Set by Yamanaka Sanpei – Yuyake (20cm/7.8 inches)


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This pair kokeshi dolls by Yamanaka Sanpei is titled “Yuyake” (夕焼け) which means Sunset. They both have a look of wonder and amazement on their faces perhaps as they watch a beautiful sunset in the scenic nature surrounding Yonezawa city. The right doll has warm orange and red tones similar to the sun’s while the left doll is decorated with turquoise, blue and yellow lines.

Master Yamanaka Sanpei was born in Yonezawa city in Yamagata prefecture in 1926. He won over 20 awards for his kokeshi dolls including the prestigious “Prime Minister Award” in 1979. Sanpei’s inspiration for kokeshi doll designs often come from children.

In good condition with visible marks of age and use.

Height: 20cm / 7.8 inches


Yamanaka Sanpei

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