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Our mission is to spread the art of Kokeshi dolls and tell the story of the artists to the world.
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Sekiguchi Sansaku Vintage Kokeshi Doll Boy With Hat And Fishing Pole

Your Purchase Supports The Artists and Art of Kokeshi Dolls

We acquire part of our dolls directly from active artists and every time you buy one of those dolls on Kokeshi Japan part of your money goes to the artists directly!

In addition, we also use a portion of the revenue to visit Kokeshi Events and Kokeshi Artists around Japan and share the information with kokeshi fans from all over the world.

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Kokeshi Signature Database

Figuring out who made the kokeshi you own is not an easy task, use our kokeshi signature database and discover who made your kokeshi doll!

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Creative Kokeshi

Explore our vintage creative kokeshi collection and discover beautiful dolls with by famous artists such as Issetsu Kuribayashi, Masao Watanabe, Yamanaka Sanpei and many others featuring motifs of seasons, flowers and traditional Japanese patterns.

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Traditional Kokeshi

See our vintage creative kokeshi collection with dolls from different strains and styles from across Tohoku including Nakanosawa, Naruko, Yajiro, Sakunami and many more. 

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Feb 13th 2022

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Customer Reviews

Hear what our dear customers think about us

Review from Philippe, France

Taru-San from Kokeshi Japan has given me the most wonderful advice. He asked me questions about the kind of creative kokeshi that I liked and showed me some pictures of amazing kokeshi dolls he had seen during exhibitions. When I said to him that I loved this kokeshi named « Hanadojo » by Kunihiko Watanabe he told me to my greatest surprise that it was still available. So I decided to buy it.

Taru-San was so incredibly helpful during this whole process and the doll arrived a few weeks later to my place in France in a beautiful box with a handwritten note from the artist. I feel so grateful. Taru-San is so passionate and knowledgeable about kokeshi that our discussions were wonderful !

Kunihiko Watanabe Kokeshi Doll Hanadojo
Hanadojo by Kunihiko Watanabe
Yuji Watanabe Kokeshi Titled Warabe (Child)
Warabe (Child) by Yuji Watanabe

Review from Christa, Netherlands

I have bought several very special Kokeshi now via Kokeshi Japan / Taru and every time it has been a wonderful experience!

Taru has such great knowledge about Kokeshi in general and about the artists whose work he sells. Some of them he knows personally and is privileged to sell their Kokeshi.

Great packing and secure shipping as well, so you don’t have to worry, your orders will arrive at your doorstep in one piece!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and highly recommended!

Review from Sonia, Canada

Excellent on all levels !!!

I’ve acquired many kokeshi dolls from Kokeshi Japan over the last few years.

Taru is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
His selection of dolls is exceptional and carefully curated, from the vintage masters to the top kokeshi artists of the day.
All dolls arrive in a timely fashion, carefully packaged, and exactly as described and pictured.

My experience has been wonderful, the dolls are treasures that bring me much joy.
There will certainly be more dolls from Kokeshi Japan finding a home with me.

Thank you Taru !

kokeshi doll by yuji kawase
Kokeshi Doll by Yuji Kawase

Very lovely kokeshi, exactly like the picture (even better). Very nice and kind vendor. Do not hesitate to buy his treasures 🙂

🇫🇷 Laurence

Really beautiful kokeshi, second time I bought from him. I am really pleased with the quality and the fast shipping. Also great packaging.

🇳🇱 Ingeborg
Pair Of Dento Kokeshi Dolls

Two wonderful vintage kokeshi dolls in great condition! Love those flowers, much more beautiful in person! 😍 A perfect addition to my growing collection!

🇧🇷 Elisa

Fantastic dolls, fantastic service, and a fantastic seller. Many, many thanks!!

🇺🇸 Michael
traditional nakanosawa kokeshi

I recommend this shop, good deals on very special and beautiful kokeshi. Good quality and quick shipping each time. I bought 2 beautiful Nakanosawa kokeshi that will fit perfectly in my collection. I am getting each time the service and help. Just go for it!

🇳🇱 Davey