Oki Yasunobu Kokeshi Artist

OKi yasunobu


Bio & Awards

Oki Yasunobu was born in Fukutsu city, Fukuoka prefecture in 1955. He creates some of the most unique kokeshi dolls. He has a real eye for detail and shapes which allows him to transform unusual pieces of wood into elegant and artistic kokeshi dolls. One of the motifs that Yasunobu san uses it 見晴らし (Miharashi) which means to look or to overlook from a high place and those kokeshi dolls seem to be gazing into the distance with both grace and solitude. Yasunobu san also creates colorful cat kokeshi and even a samurai cat kokeshi doll like the one he’s holding in the picture.


  • 1988 – National Modern Kokeshi Exhibition Minister of Education Encouragement Award 
  • 2014 – Gunma Prefecture Modern Kokeshi Contest Prime Minister Award

Oki Yasunobu Signature

Here you can see samples of the artists signature.