Exclusive Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Kano Chiyomatsu – Kabi (20cm/7.8 inches)


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Vintage kokeshi doll by award winning master Kano Chiyomatsu (1935-) titled Kabi (華美). Kabi means splendor and gorgeousness, it’s made of two kanji (Japanese characters) 華 which mean both flowers and splendor and 美 which means beauty. This title is very fitting for this amazingly cute kokeshi doll.

Kano Chiyomatsu began making kokeshi dolls in 1953, one of the most decorated and prized masters in Japan. He already passed away though the exact year is unknown. He has won the prestigious prime minister award twice and many other awards for his beautiful kokeshi dolls.

In great condition.

Height: 20cm / 7.8 inches


Kano Chiyomatsu