Vintage Kokeshi Doll by Tomidokoro Fumio – Haruranman (20.5cm/8 inches)


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This wonderful and colorful kokeshi doll was made and signed by Tomidokoro Fumio. Her title is 春爛漫 (Haruranman) which means “Spring in Full Bloom”. Her kimono is meticulously carved and painted with sakura  (cherry) blossom flowers in shades of pink, white, red and dark red. In addition, she’s wearing a dark green veil with golden sakura flower decorations and has an innocent and soft face which is something that Tomidokoro san excels at.

In near-mint condition. Comes in the original box with the original wooden sign.

Height: 20.5cm (8 inches)
Weight: 1.25kg / 2.7lbs


Fumio Tomidokoro