Sato Suigai Vintage Creative Kokeshi Doll – Kizakura (19cm/7.4 inches)


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This chubby cutie by Sato Suigai is titled 黄桜 (Kizakura) which means is a variety of cherry blossom tree known for its yellowish flowers. Unlike the more common pink or white cherry blossoms, Kizakura produces pale yellow blossoms, which are quite rare and unique.

Made and signed by the multiple award winning, master Sato Suigai. He was born in 1920 in Gunma Prefecture which is home to many other famous creative kokeshi masters. He only began creative kokeshi at age 29 (1949). Suigai is actually not his real name, it’s a pseudonym taken from his teacher Mr. Suiun Komuro who taught him Japanese painting.

In near-mint condition condition. Comes with the original box and wooden sign.

Height: 19cm / 7.4 inches


Sato Suigai

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