Exclusive Vintage Creative Kokeshi Doll by Sekiguchi Toshio – Zuishou (30cm/11.8 inches)


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Vintage creative kokeshi doll made and signed by master Sekiguchi Toshio (1947-) wearing a marvelous kimono depicting an evening nature scenery with silver grass, lightly moonlit clouds and flowers. Her title is 瑞祥 (Zuishou) which means “an auspicious sign”.

Master Sekiguchi Toa was born in Shibukawa City, Gunma-ken, and still lives and works nearby in Maebashi city. He won many awards including the Ministry of International Trade Industry Award in 1978. Since then he has won the Prime Minister’s Award, along with other respected awards.

In near-mint condition. Comes with its original wood sign.
Height: 30cm / 11.8 inches


Sekiguchi Toshio