Big Exclusive Vintage Kokeshi by Miyajima Muhitsu – Hanakage (35cm/13.7 inches)


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Japanese Kokeshi Doll Vintage Creative by Master Miyajima Muhitsu (1929~) titled “花影” (Hanakage) which can be translated to “Shade of Blossoms”. She is splendidly carved around her body and feature exquisite flowers carved on her front.

Master Miyajma Muhitsu was born in 1929 in Yamagata prefecture. Surrounded by local traditional kokeshi artists he first trained and made traditional kokeshi though in 1950 started making he made the shift to creative kokeshi. A multiple award winner, Miyajima-san won the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award in 1973.

In near-mint condition, comes with the original box and wooden sign.

Height: 35cm / 13.7 inches


Miyajima Muhitsu

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